Friday, 8 October 2010


The time is ripe
To sow
The seed of love
And let it sprout
In all its glory
And come out
With twin parting petals
Of gold,
And turn in to
A big,beautiful tree
With endless
Sprawling shadow of love
Beyond and across
The compass
Of all religion.

For this
We need some light
Light that may dazzle
The heart and mind.
So let us drop
The seed of the Sun
Into the deep Ocean
Of necessities and carnel desires
Let it come out ,
Out of the the ocean bed
And rise
In the eastern horizon
Of Mind,
Like a red hot iron ball
That'll keep glowing
Brighter and brighter
During the day.
And dispell.......
The darkness
At will .

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


मैं वही मिन्नी हूँ
जो लड़ती थी
जो लड़ती है ...

पर जानते हो वह क्यूँ लड़ती है
अनर्गल प्रलाप करती है
सारी समझदारी बिल्कुल अचानक
ताक पे रख देती है
और अपने ही हाथों
अपने सपनों की पिटारी को लॉक कर देती है

तुम्हें तो लगता है
'मिन्नी झक्की है
कोई बात नहीं समझती
बस लड़ती है
एक सिरे से दूसरे सिरे तक
अपनी ही बातों से अलग-थलग हो जाती है !'

समझते तो तुम नहीं
मिन्नी तो बहुत सीधीसादी है
बड़े छोटे हैं उसके सपने
जैसे किसी नन्हें बच्चे को नहला धुलाकर
काला टीका लगाकर पालने में बिठा देते हैं
बिल्कुल वैसे ही ...
वैसे ही खिले-खिले
वैसे ही मासूम

और मासूम बच्चे को एक ऊँगली की ज़रूरत होती है
एक प्यार भरे स्पर्श की ज़रूरत होती है
वो गिर जायेगा
घुटने छिल जायेंगे
सर पे गुमड निकल आएगा
और लगातार रोने की आवाज़ आएगी
ऊंऊंऊंऊंऊं आँआँआँआँआँआँ

समय बीत जाने के बाद
बच्चा थक के सो जाता है
उसकी शरारतें रूक जाती हैं
पर मिन्नी के ख्वाब आज भी जिंदा हैं
सपने खोये नहीं हैं
मिश्रीवाली झोपड़ी
लुकाछुपी वाले खम्भे
और फ्रिलवाली फ्रॉक
उसकी ऊँगली पकड़ लेने में हर्ज़ क्या है
मुठ्ठी में लेमनचूस भर देने में हर्ज़ क्या है
क्यूँ खामखाह समझदारों की भीड़ में उसे गुम कर देना चाहते हो
मिन्नी खो गई
तो फिर कुछ शेष नहीं रहेगा
(आदरणीय रश्मिप्रभा जी की रचना)

Myself Doll.
The girl next door
Who used to fight,
Fight and play
Still fights.

Do you know why?
Why I shout
Why I stopped listening
To anyone,
And put my dreams

You think
I am cynic,
Who doesn’t try
To understand anything
Just keeps fighting ,
Fighting and fighting.
End to end.
And gets separated
Into twin self.

It's you
Who don’t
Understand me,
My "self" yet.

I am very simple,
Very straight.
Have simple dreams
Like a nascent babe
Who has been prepared
And made to sit
On the cradle
Or.on the floor
And looks like a flower
Freshly bloomed
Full of beauty,
Full of innocence .

I need a finger to tread
Upon the road of life.
With the touch of love.
I may lose control
And fall
And get my knees hurt,
Or may have a bump
On my head.
And'll cry bitterly in pain.
I’ll sleep after getting tired.
My mischief will also retire.

My dreams are still alive
And have not been lost
In the bushes of busy life.
And the corners of my house
Is still full of sweet memories
Of where I stayed and played
The game of hide and seek.
Wearing star studed frock.

It’s not otherwise
To leave the finger
And move,
Both hands filled
With dreamy chocose.
I need not get mixed up
With world so mature .

If my innocence is lost
Nothing’ll stay fresh,
Fragrant and fine.
‘Cause I dearly love
My loneliness.
Yes,very dearly.
Don’t wish a friend.
If you blame me,blame.
My “yes” goes with it.
I can’t be like you।

I am Columbus in life,
In search of the Island of love
There is aroma of love।
Essence of feeling

What did you say?
Life is first to live than to love.
I do know what love is.
What Krishna meant to Radha,
And to Meera
Love is source
Of my energy
To survive
All odds in life
That only I know.

See the power of love.
I feel hungry
When loved ones are near
And we are together,
And hungerless
When they are away.

I still love and respect time.
I maintain it too..
If I fail to reach in time.
Both Time & Me
Will lose
Our credibility together,
For ever.

I am just like that,
Surprisingly unique
For, the world I live
Has lovely dreams।
(रश्मिप्रभा जी की कविता "मिन्नी" का अंग्रेजी अनुवाद)