Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Waves Within

I hate to see
Your face
Of others
I do love

They seem more active,
Your inertia
Never stops by woods
Of feelings

My blood is affectionate
To those at distance
You are close to me,
Yet far away
From my bosom.


Proud we are
In our discovery of soul
That's of self
And not of what is before.

In the West : A guiding force and
In the East going within
Both are unseen
Yet visible
Like human stages
Right from the child-hood
The truth and variety of time
The world under a guise
And men’s attempt
To open the universe
Like the unbuttoning of dress
Is the happiest quest that satisfy
Exploring lust of mind.

Brings progress,pleasure
But not always peace.
There is darkness spread still
During the day
Of smoke
So heavy upon the heaven
Our discovery breaks
Others discovery,
Inventions,enrich inventions
Then what remains to reach.


The Sun,The Earth and The Moon
Revolve & revolve round one another
Clinging each to each,
In different orbits
Not clashing against
There is circle after circle,
Sphere after sphere
Under various shapes
In the cosmos so Blue
The gap between the Earth
& Oceans are feet to the global frame
After each war, there is peace
As every work has its end
In a line straight only circle is formed
And in the circle rests the hope
Of opportunity, of operation
Generation after generation

Live in deeds, not in years
And you'll live in years and ages.
Your days are numbered
Don't fear,
Your ways are limited,
Don't care
If your life is inspired
And guided
Every year will be

Sunday, 19 December 2010

WHEN I MISS YOU(Written in 1985)

My love,
Whenever I miss you
I miss the whole thread
Between you and I
That links us together.

I sit here and fight
All sorts of War
Suffer all kinds of pangs
And get my "self" divided
Into fragments in your absence,
Fragments of time,tense and passion.

I hang as ever
Between memories and desires
As they keep coming disturbingly,
I am still sitting with her
Teaching her chemistry of passion.
Sitting with her I am learning
How winds interact with leaves,
Flowers with butterflies.

I see you turning into mother,
But fail to watch myself turning into father.
I am just a grand old father
With my sons up in arms
'gainst me and away
Deserting me like a dust in the been,
But grand old sons clinging to me
Even today.

The waves continue to come
One after another,
I stand still between mother and son
All silent but with mixed feeling
Of what I lost and what I gained.

Saturday, 18 December 2010


Why do I like
To be loved and praised?
Why do I think
Everything meaningless and sterile?
Why is my syntax so fractured
And the world
Ever punctuating my life
That's mine and mine alone.

Why do I take everything
In terms of passion,obsession.
Why do I underline things
Which were passionless,
Though I'm a son,a father and all
That exists as human.

Yet why do I think
I'm as good as God,
And as bad as I am.
Will you answer me,mom.
Why I need a world
Vertically vivid and vibrant
To climb on.

Friday, 26 November 2010

When I asked

One day,
Yes,one day
When I asked mom,
'"What Life Is?"
She showed me
The heard of lambs
In the pasture land,
Butterflies on flowers
And birds in the sky.

When I asked,
"What Love Is?"
She took me in her arms
And hugged me fast,
Gave me a tender peck
On my cheeks.
I felt her passionate touch.

When I asked,
"What Service Is?"
She took me to a lepor's house,
Cleaned his wounds,
Applied some curant,
And bandaged them full.
She spoke some lovely words
To heal his soul.

When I asked,
"What Education Is?"
She brought a cake,
Made its pieces
And gave me first to eat.

When I asked,
"How To FollowThe Ways Of Life?"
She lent me her finger
And guided my walk
Till the forest came.

When I asked,
"What School Is?"
She took me in the open
To show me the rising sun
In the morning,
And the moon and stars at night.

When I asked,
"What Nature Is?"
She took me to a river,
And said,"See the fountain
Falling from the high hills.
It make rivers,
Rivers make oceans,
Oceans make clouds,
Clouds bring rain
On the mountains
And a coloured bow
In the sky.

Like your curiousity
The cycle of Nature
Endlessly goes on........


I am opening myself
Before you,
'cause you know
My strength and weaknesses,
The very pattern that I am.

At times I grow rash and rustic,
At times so gentle and so nice .
I don't take it as bad or good,
Others do take,
As I follow the code of mind.

Mother,I want to live the moments
That's I am , that's you are,
Where you love me , I love you
And hatred ever follows toghther.

Here I am a masculine moment,
And you a feminine one
Enjoying the warmth
Of touch and tension.

I wish that reunion,
That touch and separation
Time and again
Where you turn into passion
I turn into passion
That forms all relations.

Mother let me be formless,
Let me be only passionate.
Don't leave me alone
Like a hamletted stranger.


Dear mom,
Do you know
What corruptio is.
How it creeps into me.

Body is always a tempting road
Where upon everyone likes to tread.
Everyone likes to see,
Everyone likes to touch
Its silky,silvery skin.

I am that body now
With passionate legs and mind.
But you dare not watch me,
And the change that I am.
Body matters in all respect.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010



I have seen a bird
Flying deep
In the blue sky
In the backdrop of setting sun
And its fading light.

Her golden glowing wings
Were challenging the infinite,
She looked like a missile
Going parabolically to the horizon
The meeting point of earth and sky.

But,oh !
I was hell bent to show her
A new heaven that was mine.
So asked her to come and sit
Together with me.
She laughed off my proposal,
And said,"no".

Yet, I said
"Dear bird,don't you wish to realise
Long standing dreams
That lies still in your eyes"
She fluttered her wings and went-up In the sky,
"I don't need anything but wings to fly."she said.

I asked her once again,
"come on and sit with me for a while,
I will show you my world
So big and wide.

She came near me and sat on a wall.
"This togetherness is a bliss for me", she said.
"But what of my freedom,what of my flight",
It was a question for me in her eyes,
Yet she was all smiles.

But I could cleary see
She was happy listening me,
But was wary of magical spell of my words.
And felt entrapped which she most diliked.
She was measuring anxiously
The spanning net of words
With her eyes,
And not the sky with her wings.

She was growing restless
She was fade-up with her idle wings,
'cause she was losing fun to fly.
She implored,"Let me be on my wings,
Let me have my sky.

Suddenly she broke open
The magical spell of words,
And went-up in the sky.
My net of charming words fell apart

She desperately wanted to be
On her wings again,
But not the part of my dreamy flights.
I sadly collected
All my thoughts and made
A memorabilla
In her sweet memory.

Whenever she flew past me,
She hovered over me to see
What I have in the name of she.
But I surely know
She wanted only to fly
As it was her dreams,
It was her life.

But to repent my deed
I made a last request to her,
"Do visit the nest I have made
In my mind , in my heart.
I will keep it ready,keep it clean

And wait
Till ETERNITY to repent
What I have done !
Tried to weave a net
Around her.