Friday, 26 November 2010

When I asked

One day,
Yes,one day
When I asked mom,
'"What Life Is?"
She showed me
The heard of lambs
In the pasture land,
Butterflies on flowers
And birds in the sky.

When I asked,
"What Love Is?"
She took me in her arms
And hugged me fast,
Gave me a tender peck
On my cheeks.
I felt her passionate touch.

When I asked,
"What Service Is?"
She took me to a lepor's house,
Cleaned his wounds,
Applied some curant,
And bandaged them full.
She spoke some lovely words
To heal his soul.

When I asked,
"What Education Is?"
She brought a cake,
Made its pieces
And gave me first to eat.

When I asked,
"How To FollowThe Ways Of Life?"
She lent me her finger
And guided my walk
Till the forest came.

When I asked,
"What School Is?"
She took me in the open
To show me the rising sun
In the morning,
And the moon and stars at night.

When I asked,
"What Nature Is?"
She took me to a river,
And said,"See the fountain
Falling from the high hills.
It make rivers,
Rivers make oceans,
Oceans make clouds,
Clouds bring rain
On the mountains
And a coloured bow
In the sky.

Like your curiousity
The cycle of Nature
Endlessly goes on........


  1. Dear rajiv sir
    this poem may seem quite ordinary for a general reader but quite sensible for the people with emotion and sensiblity... it teaches what life is.. what nature is .. what emotion is.... it is quite strange that when I read your english poems I recall Hindi poem and when I read ur hindi poem, I recall lines from English literature.. presently I recall a famous poem of Bal Krishna sharma naveen.. phir kya hoga uske baad... here it is...
    "Utsuk ho kar shishu ne puchha,
    'Maa, kya hoga uske baad ?'

    Ravi se ujjval, shashi se sundar,
    nav-kislay dal se komaltar
    vadhu tumhare ghar aayegi
    us vivaah utsav ke baad

    Pal bhar mukh par smiti rekha
    khel gayi phir maa ne dekha
    vadhu tumhare ghar aayegi
    us vivaah utsav ke baad

    Phir nabh se nakshatra manohar
    swarg lok se utar utar kar
    tere shishu banne ko mere
    ghar aayenge uske baad

    Mere naye khiloune lekar
    chale na jaayein ve apne ghar
    chintit ho kar uthha, kintu phir
    puchha shishu ne uske baad ?

    Ab maa ka jee oob chuka thha
    harsh shranti mein doob chuka thha
    boli phir mai boodhi ho kar
    mar jaoongi uske baad

    Ye sun kar bhar aaye lochan
    kintu ponchh kar unhein usi kshan
    sahaj kautuhal se phir shishu ne puchha,
    maa kya hoga uske baad

    Kavi ko balak ne sikhlaya
    sukh dukh hai pal bhar ki maya
    hai anant tatwa ka prashna ye
    phir kya hoga uske baad?"

    at the level of poetic sensiblity, you are quite above your contemporary... congratulation..