Friday, 26 November 2010


I am opening myself
Before you,
'cause you know
My strength and weaknesses,
The very pattern that I am.

At times I grow rash and rustic,
At times so gentle and so nice .
I don't take it as bad or good,
Others do take,
As I follow the code of mind.

Mother,I want to live the moments
That's I am , that's you are,
Where you love me , I love you
And hatred ever follows toghther.

Here I am a masculine moment,
And you a feminine one
Enjoying the warmth
Of touch and tension.

I wish that reunion,
That touch and separation
Time and again
Where you turn into passion
I turn into passion
That forms all relations.

Mother let me be formless,
Let me be only passionate.
Don't leave me alone
Like a hamletted stranger.

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