Sunday, 14 November 2010


Child is a dream,child has a dream
I was a child,I had a dream
Child is an Adam,child is an Eve
In the womb I safely live.

It was dark but purified.
As the Garden Of Eaden wide
It was my original Home
A land of fairies and airy roam.

They travelled,I could not much.
For,I was in the earthly Touch.
When my mother brought me out
To the earth and realm of thought.
I was still in divine arms
But,alas!I have lost all
That is chaste and charms.

1 comment:

  1. rajiv jee I am reader of ur Hindi and English poetry.. i think you write English better than that you write in Hindi. You are more sensitive in this language, you have better images and words... you have European feel.. all the best for your writings in English language. Regarding current poem, 'child is a dream', your opening lines are quite impressive....