Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Mother you are
The noblest medium of Grace
In a mortal attire,
Out of carnel Desire
Full of love,full of life
In miniature,
Nature you are,
Mother you are.

You are the cosmos,
Galaxies you are,
You are the sun,
the moon and stars.
It was you who Adam allured,
And made
the human progression
For me God you are,
Mother you are.

Whether Kaushalya or Kaikeyee,
Whether Yashoda or vaidehi.
Life got your lap
And Nature became its map,
Civilizations come and go
But love in your bosom ever grow,
You are The Teacher,
Guide you are.
Mother you are .

You brought-up Ravana
You brought-up Ram,
You brought-up Kansa
You brought-up Shyam
Offered utmost care,
Great Mentor you are ,
Mother you are.

Like Nature
you nursed them all
As it was
an eternal call.
You fed them well,
you led them well,
You were the Sunshine
And the light devine.
For everyone
Fare you are,
Mother you are.

What they got and what they met
Wasn't just due to their fate.
Between birth and death,
They had many acts and date,
They are responsible
For what they are,
Mother you are.

You always stay nucleus
And become
A protonic pull
For all throbbing Hearts
Moving in diffrent orbits
And circling in many spheres
Remain glued to your charm
Without having
Any inkling of harm,
You have greater orientation
As you have strong Gravitation.
English summer you are,
Mother you are.

Whatever be the matter,
You keep everyone together.
You are always
A bunch of BOON,
Be it morning,evening or noon.


  1. wonderful poem rajiv ji... just u need to work little on vacabulary otherwise the theme and content is fantastic. May god bless ur english pen as well. with wisehs and regards

  2. "Maa Tujhe Salaam" an emotional poem dedicates to mother...... congrates for this new shade....all the best......

  3. very touching poem. i really like it.