Monday, 24 May 2010


You made the APPLE,
You made me.
But never understood I
Why stopped me
From plucking and eating
The fruit
So delicious,so nice,
Of that Forbidden Tree.
I was told it was vice.

One day I got the Fruit
From that Forbidden Tree.
Along with that came
The Seed of Knowledge
Unveiling the secret of Earth and Sea
That you never wanted to be shared
Between Eve and Me.

You feared for your Place,
You feared for your Face
You discussed it many times,
To save your crown
Your anger new no bounds
We were immediately thrown down,

Deprived of Heaven and Grace,
Together with Eve
We needed great courage to face
The world we were in.
I'll begin afresh
A beginning all new .
With greater creative urge
We will make life to surge
And go beyond horizon
Under the Sun.

The grecious Globe we'll make
With two Hemispheres of Eve and me,
Love will lead the Life,
Progression there would be.

Eve holds the centre
Being Nucleus
Of me and others
Who'll later follow her and me.
You will remain my Mentor,
But We can't accept
Your authoratative approach,
Or any of your reproach.

Though we'll ever miss you,
Remember your lovely Land,
Miss your affectionate touch,
But have the thread of life
In our hands
And never repent much.

Today I am a happy lot
That together we,like you,are creating
A whole new world
Fully dynamic,fully vibrant
With our moon and stars at night
And the rising Sun during the day.

Under the blue sky,
Between the two ends of life
we are making all efforts
To live and Let live,
Making the Earth
My second Home and have
The same pleasure
Thatyou gave.

Yet,we'll surely miss you ever
And believe me we'll forget you never
And keep you always abreast
'cause ultimately You are my Father,
The Almighty.

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