Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Sparrows were in dire need
Of a place to live in peace
But kept thinking
Where to find a seat
In this jungle of concrete.

Our happiness crossed all seas,
And soared to the boundless blue,
When Sparrows visited our home
And chose a curvy dome
On the top of my gate
To make their nest
And have a safer fate,
After making round and round
They felt it very safe and sound.

When the sparrows arrived,
It seemed as if
someone very close have come,
Our hearts were filled With unseen pleasure
As if we all got some rare treasure.

Their every effort
Had our full support
Whether they brought
twigs,cotton or straw,
Made a furry nest.

One day she laid her eggs
And both kept sitting
One by oneand attempted comfort best
Keeping their chicks always abrest.

Later in a week
She hatched them to life
We were the curious onlookers
Of their every move.

They kept going out
And grain some brought
Fed all the three beaks
Through out the day ,
Through the weeks.

We were sure
A mother has come
And has brought along
some very beautiful gifts.
Her passion for life
Was all dedication,
All surrender,
And all medition
They kept their nursing on,
Now skin was turning brown.

We wanted to be the part
Of their party
With our guest of curiousity,
But knew it very well,
It will not serve our,
Or their purpose,
It may not be a necessity.

So we all kept mum
and watched Silently
Life go cradled
In the nest in our house.

But fate had else in store,
Pleasure turned sour
When a chic fell to the ground,
The other was taken
To the sky unbound.

The Nest was throughly tattered,
Our dreams dashed and shattered.

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